« Participate in the harvest Vignes »

  • Participate in the harvest Vignes
  • Participate in the harvest Vignes
  • Participate in the harvest Vignes
  • Participate in the harvest Vignes
  • Participate in the harvest Vignes

Lire en Français Participate in the harvest Vignes

This is therefore the journey of a Bag around the Globe, on a quest for new emtional and artistic experiences. A bag constitutes a microcosm in itself, a small, secret and intimate world that the VIGNES woman of the world occasionally reveals when she decides to turn things – and her bag – inside out. A VIGNES bag has so many stories to tell, so many tales of travel, exoticism, adventure and conquest…

Participate in the harvest VignesIts lucky owner, a modern-day Amazonian, is content and firmly anchored in her femininity, embracing it fully with joy and lightness of heart. There are very powerful bonds binding a woman to her bag, and a link of identification. A VIGNES bag is a treasured and eminently feminine space. But make no mistake! We’re not talking about any bag and certainly not any woman !

The VIGNES world and the VIGNES experience: hand- made and Made in France. Practically an initiation.

Incontestably, VIGNES’ fine leather goods epitomise French know-how. Each item is unique and Made in France, by hand, in workshops in Nice. Under the direction of Anne and Bertrand Vignes, rare leathers of python, Javanese iguana, ostrich and crocodile are transformed with utmost care into VIGNES bags.

In this universe, colour plays an important role. It toys with conventions, daring chromatic combinations that are surprising but work so well. VIGNES bags are modular: carried as a purse or worn over the shoulder, one and the same bag – such as the “Bonnie”, for instance – can play four roles!

Rare skins are combined ti great effest: Javanese iguana or crocodile readily flirt with ostrich in the same bag. VIGNES adheres to an unconventional aesthetic code that dreams up unexpected combinations of rare skins in unusual and harmonious colour palettes. The result is both extravagant in terms of interpretation, and classic in the way each item is made, harnessing the traditional expertise of French Fine Leather Goods.

Who is the VIGNES woman? What are her ideals and her vision of the World?

She has no preconceptions and is open to the World. A keen observer of issues currently facing our planet earth, she is a woman who sets great store by balance and justice. Occasionally an idealist, the VIGNES woman is an aesthete; she is skilled in creating beauty and balance on and around herself.
She is cultivated and likes Travel and everything related to it. A globe trotter, her keen eye is the key to the intense emotions she experiences throughout the joyous itineraries that light up her life.

Feminine, with high standards, she recognises the beautiful and the well-made with an expert eye; the siren song of consumerism holds no sway. She is more comfortable in an ideal of quality than in a compulsive rush towards quantity. Being convinced that Lucretia’s motto is even more apt today, in a world that is increasingly complex and in need of landmarks.

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  2. I am very interested in this article!

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